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Clarinettist, bass clarinettist and vocalist, born on 19 December 1968 in Gdańsk.
At the age of eight he was learning music with professor Tadeusz Kamiński. At the end of the 80's he performed in punk and alternative groups. Then, he added elements of off-jazz and entered into the yass - alternative musical movement that incorporates rock, ethno and free improvisation elements created in opposition to jazz establishment. He performed in many groups (in general, every possible combination of several yass musicians have different name): Arhythmic Perfection, Knuth/Mazzoll, Miłość, Kazik i Mazzoll, Kury, Pieces of Brain, NRD and also in author's projects: Niebieski Lotnik, The Prozelits, Mazzoll & Arhythmic Memory, Mazzoll & Arhythmic Brain, Mazzoll & Diffusion Ensemble, Mazzoll & LooDzisco and Perpleks. He worked with such musicians as Django Bates, Peter Brotzmann, Jon Dobie, Alfred Harth, Kazik, Peter Kowald, Vytautas Labutis, Jeffrrey Morgan, Tony Oxley, Olga Szwajgier, Tomasz Stańko, Tymon Tymański, Olo Walicki.
This clarinet player and composer is one of the most important figures connected with the cult club Mózg in Bydgoszcz and with yass scene from Trójmiasto (Tri-city - Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot) but he also performed very often in Warsaw. Creator (in 1991) of musical idea "arhythmic perfection". Mazzoll creates improvised arhythmic compositions sometimes using drawings instead of notes. He has been using elements of classical jazz, folk, (klezmer music from Amsterdam) and contemporary music. Appreciated by Jazz Forum as one of the most interesting Polish clarinet players.
He has also created multimedia installations and has been an author of avant-garde films. At the beginning of the 90's he was connected with multimedia gallery Delikatesy-Avantgarde, one of the most interesting galleries in 1994 in Poland according to the Polityka magazine.

Niebieski Lotnik (Tomasz Gwinciński - drums, percussion; Wojciech Mazolewski - bass)
Mazzoll & Arhythmic Perfection (Janusz Zdunek - trumpet, Sławomir Janicki - bass, Jacek Majewski - percussion, Tomasz Gwinciński - drums)
Arhythmic Brain (Sławomir Janicki - bass; Jacek Majewski - drums, percussion)
Arhythmic Memory
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Mazzoll & Arhythmic Perfection - a (1995)

1. Ojczyzną naszą dobroć, dobroć, dobroć
2. A właściwie jego cień
3. Miłość nie zna granic
4. Kocie łapy
5. A, B ... normal suita (fragmenty)
6. Utwór pt. "Fian" (ta ohydna siła)
7. Kocham Was
8. Ropa Św. Anny (część II) - rzecz o cudownym uzdrowieniu
9. Jeden dźwięk - rozwój potęgi woli
10. Drobiazgi życiowe
11. Uszy niedźwiedzia (I)
12. Uszy niedźwiedzia (II)
13. Dezabnormal
14. Miłość nie zna granic i ..
15. Ojczyzną naszą dobroć, dobroć, dobroć

Mazzoll - clarinet, bass clarinet, panpipe, vocal; conductor
Janusz Zdunek - trumpet (where it's heard)
Sławomir Janicki - double bass
Jacek Majewski - percussion
T. Gwinciński - drums

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