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100nka is a 90-year-old contrabass, the drums from 1956 and the guitar with a huge power plant. On their first album entitled "Zimna Płyta" as a guest played Mikołaj Trzaska. Then, on their second, two-disc album "Potrawy Strawy + Kompot Gratis" plays Ziut Gralak. The third album is "Superdesert" featuring an outstanding representative of the New York underground scene, trumpeter Herb Robertson. Crazy, improvised, speed and excellent reviews meant that musicians interested in jazz festivals in Germany, Austria and Hungary. 100nka`s sounds should introduce vibrations into the organisms of even the strongest jazz conservatives. Being fascinated with classics such as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman or contemporarily playing Tim Bern, Jim Black, Elery Eskelin, Medeski Martin and Wood, DJ Logic, Yuka Honda they create the world of sounds which combine both modernity with a classic approach to jazz music, contemporaneousness and oldschool.
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100nka - Zimna Płyta (2004)

1. Rossinboiler
2. Instant
3. Zamaskowany atak stonki
4. Remi
5. Progno zapogody
6. Tatatomka
7. Nagual
8. Wyprodukowano w Polsce
9. 0Mjosa
10. POS 59UT
11. *
12. Mistberget
13. Long Vehicle

Adam Stodolski - double bass
Tomek Leś - guitar
Przemek Borowiecki - drums
Mikołaj Trzaska - sax (3, 4, 9, 12)

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