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Bill Frisell has long been one of the most unique guitarists around. Able to switch on a moment's notice from sounding like a Nashville studio player to heavy metal, several styles of jazz, and just pure noise, Frisell can get a remarkable variety of sounds and tones out of his instrument. This set features Frisell in a quintet with Don Byron (on clarinet and bass clarinet), Guy Klucevsek on accordion, bassist Kermit Driscoll, and drummer Joey Baron. To call the repertoire wide-ranging would be an understatement. In addition to eight melodies from Aaron Copland's Billy the Kid, Frisell and company explore (and often reinvent) pieces written by Charles Ives, Bob Dylan, Muddy Waters, Madonna, Sonny Rollins, Stephen Foster, and John Phillip Sousa. This is one of the most inventive recordings of the 1990s and should delight most listeners from any genre.
:::Review by Scott Yanow:::

Bill Frisell - Have a Little Faith (1993)

1. Billy the Kid: The Open Prairie 3:11
2. Billy the Kid: Street Scene in a Frontier Town 1:45
3. Billy the Kid: Mexican Dance and Finale 3:44
4. Billy the Kid: Prairie Night (Card Game at Night) / Gun Battle 5:02
5. Billy the Kid: Celebration After Billy's Capture 2:17
6. Billy the Kid: Billy in Prison 1:33
7. Billy the Kid: The Open Prairie Again 2:34
8. The "Saint-Gaudens" in Boston Common (excerpt #1) 0:42
9. Just Like a Woman 4:49
10. I Can't Be Satisfied 3:00
11. Live to Tell 10:10
12. The "Saint-Gaudens" in Boston Common (excerpt #2) 3:05
13. No Moe 2:37
14. Washington Post March 2:05
15. When I Fall in Love 3:26
16. Little Jenny Dow 3:30
17. Have a Little Faith in Me 5:42
18. Billy Boy 1:38

Accordion - Guy Klucevsek
Bass - Kermit Driscoll
Clarinet, Clarinet [Bass] - Don Byron
Drums - Joey Baron
Guitar - Bill Frisell

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