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A skillful combination of traditional and avant-garde jazz made TriCity's Milość one of the most important yass scene collectives. The band formed from the ashes of the new wave group Sni Sredstwom Za Uklanianie, and consisted of double-bassist Ryszard Tymański, saxophonist Mikołaj Trzaska, and clarinetist Jerzy Mazolewski, aka Mazzoll. In 1991 Mazzoll left the band and pianist Leszek Możdżer joined the lineup. With the encouragement of success at Krakow's Jazz Juniors Festival in 1992, Miłość, with Jacek Olter on percussion and saxophonist Maciej Sikała, recorded their first self-titled album. In 1994 they produced a mix of avant-jazz and world music for their second release, Taniec Smoka. The same year Miłość's musicians, in cooperation with the preeminent avant-garde trumpeter Lester Bowie, issued the live album Not Two. In 1995, Miłość released the Krzysztof Komeda-linked Astigmatic long-play. In 1997, in cooperation with Tymański's Tymon i Trupy band, they issued a motion picture soundtrack from Olaf Lubaszenko's Sztos. Despite the collapse of the original Miłość lineup in the late '90s, Tymanski toured along with Olter, Trzaska (substituted in 2000 with Mazzoll), and Tomasz Hesse on bass. The second collaboration between Miłość and Lester Bowie was entitled Talkin' About Life and Death and was issued in 2000. Miłość disbanded in 2002 after the death of Jacek Olter by suicide.
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Miłość - Taniec Smoka (1994)

01. The Dragon Dance [Taniec Smoka] [12:05]
02. Human Machine [Maszyna Ludzka] [03:49]
03. Lezor i Niutnia [03:17]
04. Your Goatee Gets On My Nerves (Not To Mention The Moustache) [03:26]
05. Cardano [0:07:52.13]
06. Lapping Fluid Helium [Chłepcąc ciekły hel] [07:04]
07. Ordre omnitonique [07:17]
08. Left Side Jass [Lewy Jass] [02:23]
09. The Last Of The Human Dragons [Ostatnie z ludzkich smoków] [08:43]
10. The Dragon Tears [Łzy smoka] [10:30]

Mikołaj Trzaska - alto, soprano & baritone saxes, flute, vocals
Maciej Sikała - tenor & soprano saxes,saxophone neck, vocals
Leszek Możdżer - piano, accordion, clapping, vocals
Ryszard "Tymon" Tymański - bass, balalaika, horn, vocals
Jacek Olter - drums, percussion, pots, water sound, vocals

Recorded at Polish Radio Studios,Szczecin on April 17-20, 1994.

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