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TIPOGRAPHICA are very hard to describe, which is probably why they were one of the most interesting band of the 90s (unfortunately, the band recently decided to part ways). The musicians, consisting of guitarist, bassist, drummer, and a small horn section seemed influenced by Frank ZAPPA's 70s jazz compositions, and especially Ruth Underwood's crazed percussion work-outs. However, the rhythms on "God Says I Can't Dance" are really unique, and don't seem directly influenced by ZAPPA. I've heard their unique rhythm work being called "arhythmic" (tons of starts, stops, 90 degree turns, tempo changes). Yes, you could definitely say that. But the band is great at creating grooves out of those irregular rhythms, giving the music a strange danceable quality to it (like ZAPPA's catchiest work). The interaction between musicians has a playfulness to it that is typical of most of the experimental Japanese bands. TIPOGRAPHICA are a perfect introduction to the Japanese prog scene.
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Tipographica - God Says I Can't Dance (1996)

1. Friends (8:54)
2. Control Tower Says 'TP-1, Break Down' (8:45)
3. White Collar Worker VS Black Rubber Man (11:22)
a) AM 3:28 Shinjuku
b) AM 3:45 Kasumigaseki
c) AM 5:02 Berlin
4. And Then The Last Ship Is Going (7:35)
5. Japanese Room (we Have No ZEN) (7:34)
6. Laughin' Photograph (8:15)
7. Forest Tipographical II (7:34)

- Tsuneo Imahori / guitar
- Naruyoshi Kikuchi / saxophone
- Osamu Matsumoto / trombone
- Akira Minakami / keyboards
- Hiroaki Mizutani / bass
- Akira Sotoyama / drums
+ Kazuto Shimizu / mokkin

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