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Szelest spadajacych papierkow is now a legendary band , but the memories bout it just faded away and now barely no one can say what that band was . The collective was strongly attached with gdansks artistic group Totart , and it became a strong point of the local underground scene in the 80.
In those days Szelest played many gigs mainly in the Totart circle . Band appeared as a example of a revolutionary and radical group that shown a quite new approach to the sound materia. Characteristic signs of Szelest were : provocation and fore-front music destruction. Gigs of the group were more like happenings than concerts , musicians were often dressed in strange cloths and were reading parts of manifestos between the tunes. Frequently music was just a background and seemed to be just an addition.
At that time szelest played a mixture of a hard chaotic noise style which was influenced by the western vanguard and a strong industrial scene. The gigs , were often ended with an act of destroying the instruments but there also was a solution given by the polish Police.
The crisis of totart and the orange revolution touched also the Band. In face of personal and health problems the group disappeared for a longer moment. In late 90 Szelest started to play once again , to record in October a live album called "Plyta Redlowska". In Gdansk at the Plama Klub played : Joanna Charchan (Alto Sax), Krzysztof Siemak (Guitar and loops), Pawel Konjo Konnak (Lyrics), Slawomir Ozi Zamojda (Guitar), Szymon Albrzykowski (bass) , Tomasz Ballaun (Drum things).
Przemyslaw Gulda said about "plyta redlowska"
The band plays quite calm music, mostly based on electronic rhythm loops which are a base for improvised parts of sax and guitar . It is a trans and soft album what could be a shock for people who now the band from the past . Only Pawel Konnaks reflective poems give a anxious feel to some parts of this rekord.
In may 2008 the two most important pillars of Szelest (Szymon Albrzykowski, Slawek Zamojda) were again working on the bands second album . During the session guys had recorded also few hours of queer (strange if you don't wanna use queer) abstract , no-music on a generator used also in KSAS and Prawatt.
Szelest Spadajacych Papierkow from the 21st century is a noise of cybernetic bale fires it does not give any chance for you to calm down. It is an abstract medley of 8-bit-retro sounds of a Nintendo console wired to generator of stretch , scream and whir.
There is no melody in it . It is a cybernetic trans . Discotheque for printers or a favorite set of lullaby songs for R2D2. We may call it in many ways but there is one truth , that is a radical position only for the bravest of this world.
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Szelest Spadających Papierków - Płyta Redłowska (1999)

1. ORP "Titanic"
2. Grażyna W. wydała na świat pieniądze
3. Trepanacja Czeszki
4. 7 kóz
5. Paulus miliarderem
6. Randka z mutantem
7. Niepolska tajemnica Lopeza
8. Czy chcesz ze mną chodzić na fajne imprezy techno?
9. Gdańsk 3000

Joanna Charchan - sax
Sławek "Ozzi" Żamojda - guitar, game boy, generators
Krzysztof Siemak - guitar, loops
Szymon Albrzykowski - bass, generators
Tomasz Ballaun - drums, didgeridoo
Paweł Konnak "Konjo" - words

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