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The band was formed in 2003, initially as a by-project of musicians who at that time performed in Something Like Elvis and Tissura Ani. Its original name was Electric Blues Mutants. Through the first two years the character of created music as well as the group’s line-up had been shaped.
In this line-up they came up with a material of which recording started in April 2005 and finished in January 2006. These tracks were composed in various places and circumstances. In Bydgoszcz, Szubin, London, Swarzędz. In spring, summer, autumn and winter. In the music that resulted one can feel that it is ‘road’ music, music of varied circumstances and spirits. ‘In these sounds was given voice to many emotions and feelings that had appeared throughout that time in our lives: a phenomenon of birth, but also break-ups, returns, betrayals, love, hate, loneliness, and above all a desire to make music together’.
A debut album ‘All You Know Is Wrong’ consists of ten pieces of music, that were created over a span of the first three years of the group’s activity. ‘In spite of the passage of time, for us this music is still fresh, almost “moist”. We are not able to classify it nor specify of what genre it is, and let it remain this way. We are going to keep looking for new solutions in our music and sound, even if later on it was supposed to turn out that all we knew about it was wrong’.
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Potty Umbrella - Forte Furioso (2007)

1. Dr Pizdur 6:37
2. Swing Deluxe 3:52
3. Feces Of Love 6:39
4. Why Man Still Fall In Love? 1:44
5. Jat Lag 6:57
6. Original Sin 8:03
7. Why Man Still Go To Wars? 8:38
8. Brain Fever 4:41
9. Gone 6:49
10. Exclusive Pollution 6:11

Sławek Szudrowicz - vocal, guitar, drums
Artur Maćkowiak - keyboards
Maciej Szymborski - electric piano, Poly 61
Piotr Komosiński - bass
Piotr Waliszewski – drums

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