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This is the first album put out by Zu and personally its one of their best. Their blend of Speed Jazz with Henry Cow and Frank Zappa would be for anyone who loves Avant Garde Music. As a bass player, i listened to Massimo Pupillo very closely and i was pretty amazed at what he does. He blends with the rest of the band and doesnt overshadow the incredibly talented sax player, Luca T Mai. Zu pleases crowds. Their tour on this album consisted of a broken down mini van (as do all first timers) and lost of good memories.
Key tracks on the album are Zu Circus, Testa di Cane, and Erotomane. This is indeed one of their best works and its sure not to dissapoint. 4.5 stars.
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Zu - Bromio (1999)

1. Detonatore (3:36)
2. Xenitis (3:11)
3. Testa di Cane (3:06)
4. Paonazzi (1:20)
5. Zu Circus (3:42)
6. Asmodeo (4:06)
7. Cane Maggiore (3:24)
8. Epidurale (1:51)
9. Villa Belmonte (2:54)
10. Erotomane (4:25)
11. La Grande Madre delle Bestie (5:43)

- Jacopo Battaglia/ drums
- Massimo Pupillo / bass
- Luca T Mai / sax

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  1. Robert says:

    Excellent album! I notice you put a lot of interesting music by artists not from the USA. I really enjoy being turned on to these new artists i've never heard of. Following are some artists i have heard of but haven't experienced any of their music. If you have of it would it be possible to post?

    Rodrigo Amado

    Francisco Mora Catlett

    Roland Ramanan

    Actis Furioso 2

    Stefano Maltese Askili

    Thanks for the great blog.


  1. psychedelic_head says:

    Great Album! Love it! Thanks for turning me on to this.