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Lard Free's debut is stunning , full of energy and deeply enjoyable. If you can picture Sabbath's Geezer Butler (first two albums) playing with King Fripp, Brian Eno and maybe a less virtuoso Bruford making an album , you might have an idea of what this album sounds like! Sometimes the Eno/Fripp influences are overpowering the rest of the influences but this is relatively minor. Those long instumental tracks rolling around a superb bass and repetitive drumming is simply fascinating, may sound to some as jams but not quite as this is more to do with minimalism (Terry Riley style).
Hartman's group is along with Heldon one of main bands that drew heavily on Krautrock to the point that they are often categorized as such although both bands/projects are French. So if you are into Krautrock , you know what you have to do!
:::Review by Sean Trane:::

Lard Free - Lard Free (1973)

1. Warindbaril (3:52)
2. 12 ou 13 juillet que je sais d'elle (8:54)
3. Honfleur écarlate (4:53)
4. Acide framboise (6:43)
5. Livarot respiration (7:45)
6. Culturez-vous vous-mêmes (4:21)

- Gilbert Artman / piano, drums
- Hervé Eyhani / bass
- Francois Mativet / guitar
- Philippe Bolliet / saxophone

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